The project

During the ACHIM workshops, leaders observed the residents’ attention and sensitivity to the movements. Even though it was difficult for some of them to exchange within the context of a workshop and to stay attentive, their appreciation of the short choreographies presented was palpable. As certain individuals in the group have reduced mobility, it’s difficult for them to attend a dance event in a performance venue. We’ve developed a new solution adapted to this audience: skip the workshop to instead perform the complete presentation of a choreography, followed by a discussion with the artists.

In 2014, the Quartiers Danses Festival thus organized several shows in health establishments around the South-West borough of Montreal:

~ Tout ça pour dix minutes en septembre – Centre d’hébergement Manoir-de-Verdun: In this piece, actress and comedian Johanne Marie Tremblay explored her strengths and constraints through the medium of dance.

~ Incognita: The duo – CHSLD Réal-Morel: Jean-Benoit Labrecque-Gilbert and Margaux Chenevert presented Incognita: The duo by Élizabeth Suich at the CHSLD Réal-Morel. This sensitive and vulnerable duo showed the experience of the body and its memory, at the border between two universes: Latin dance and contemporary language.

People who are full of life! It was a true pleasure to perform and inform these magnificent people. Until next time!” Jean-Benoît Labrecque, dancer

~ Portrait of the Artist As… (P.O.T.A.A.) – Douglas University Mental Health Institute: Angélique Wilkie presented P.O.T.A.A. at the Douglas Institute. Seated at a small table in the semi-darkness, a woman prepares herself. On top, glamour, feathers, glitter… On the bottom, camouflage pants, for war. A true cry of resistance. P.O.T.A.A. is a piece on the contradictions in all of us, around us, in others.