Once again this year, the Festival Quartiers Danses (FQD) presents in collaboration with The International Festival Of Films On Art (FIFA) a selection of short dance films by co-curators Marlene Millar and Rafik Hubert Sabbagh: a program of 10 powerful films at the intersection of dance and cinema from Quebec, Finland, France, Italy and Poland – available for a limited time on September 19 at 2 p.m.

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Short-films presented

Time: 19:34 min

ORE by Kim-Sanh Châu and Ray Lavers

ORE (2017) is a videodance filmed in Saigon (Vietnam) that follows 11 performers in this rich and chaotic city. Anchored in a refined choreographic and cinematographic language, Kim-Sanh Châu and Ray Lavers pose two subjective views on this city to which they are linked, without fully understanding it. Their work dialogues with space and highlights slowness. ORE is the second video dance from a trilogy filmed in Vietnam, completing Inner Smoke (2016) and Nước màu đen (Les Eaux noirs, 2020).

About the directors

Kim-Sanh Châu (choreographer and videographer) and Ray Lavers (director of photography) are based between Montreal and Saigon (Vietnam). They have been co-directing video dances since 2015, constantly seeking a balance between choreography and camera work. Their videos have been shown in Canada, Vietnam, Malaysia, Colombia and several European countries.

Credits: Performers: Dương Văn Quý, Kim-Sanh Châu, Lê Quốc Huy, Lê Hữu Phước, Nguyễn Christina, Nguyễn Mạnh Quyền, Nguyễn Ngọc Tân, Phạm Ngọc Anh, Nguyễn Vũ Hoàng Minh, Sabra Johnson, Trần Trọng Nghĩa, Võ Hồng Nhung. Original Music: Chittakone Baccam (Hazy Montagne Mystique). Sound: Sandy Pinteus 

Time: 5:46 min

Time Subjectives in Objective Time by Kati Kallio

The film Time Subjective in Objective Time is part of Kallio’s Searching for Flow film series. It is a collaboration with the dance group Zonk’a and partly commissioned by 2017 Ural Industrial Contemporary Art Biennale (Russia). In the film, three dancers guide viewers through an old factory where the former and the current time have solidified. In this meditative journey, the main character of the film is the factory as dancers are in supportive roles. During the filming, the factory was under renovation to become the new venue of Biennale.

About the director

Kati Kallio is Finnish filmmaker, curator, dancer and choreographer. She has MA degree in Dance from UniArts Helsinki  – Theatre Academy. Her artistic works has been focused in dance films since 2008 and her films have been screened and broadcasted widely around the globe. She is one of the pioneers of dance films in Finland and was artistic director of Loikka Dance Film Festival in years 2015-2018.

Credits: Performers: Anna Schekleina, Aleksandr Frolov, Polina Nertitsa-Pankova. Photo direction, camera, editing: Antti Ahokoivu. Choreography: Anna Schekleina, Aleksandr Frolov. Music and sound: Abdissa Assefa. Assistants: Veronica Nakrokhina, Mikhail Pantelee. Photography: Aleksey Patentniy. Co-Producer / NCCA in Russia: Valentina Anufrieva. Co-Producer / Dance Information Center in Finland: Anita Parri

Time: 3:21 min

The Brunette by David Latreille

As a direct sequel to THE BOUDOIR (2014), THE BRUNETTE (2018) is a psychosis through the electrifying dance of a woman in direct relation to her environment. For this second part, THE BRUNETTE freezes the human in the middle of a nature that wins in the face of human destruction.

About the director

David Latreille signs all his films with women as main characters. His cinematographic works are always underlined by a strong visual and musical presence which leaves no one indifferent. His last two short films, RACHEL and THE BOUDOIR have been presented and awarded at several international festivals.

Credits: Performer, costumes: Catherine Laframboise-Desjardins. Photo direction, camera: Nicolas Vennes. Editing, artistic direction: David Latreille. 

Time: 12:03 min


MASS is a 10-minute video-dance shot in sequence with 40 amateur dancers. Crowd images are more and more recurring to symbolize current upheavals, evoking in turn celebrations, migrations, demonstrations, gatherings or even the daily life of metropolises.

This film is a work on the masses, with all the intoxication it can inspire, a confrontation of the individual with crowd movements, in order to observe the way in which it resists or lets itself be immersed.

About the director

Fu LE is an internationally award-winning videographer and choreographer from the company Tetrapode. He graduated in Applied Arts in Paris and trained in contemporary dance in South America, in Europe and in Taiwan, where he questioned the social changes linked to urbanization. He evolves between dance, sculpture and video, with the aim of linking the arts with the intimacy of the body. His cinematographic approach is based on the practice of the sequence shot and the choreographic management of the camera.

Credits: Performers: Association Danse en Seine. Photo direction: Adrien Gontier. Camera: Fabienne Roussignol. Editing: Bizaroïd. Artistic direction: Fu Le. Music: Harun Bayraktar & Tom Jarvis.

Time: 7:13 min

Wrap Me Up by Brittney Canda and Vincent René-Lortie

In a shabby community center, a group of strangers have gathered in hopes of filling a lack of human connection. As frontman Sheenah Ko begins to sing, her voice bewitches the audience and creates a violent frenzy among the audience.

Brittney Canda is a contemporary dancer, choreographer, and teacher in Montréal. She performs regularly in an interactive interdisciplinary act with electronic musician, Sheenah Ko and is a company member of Kyra Jean Green’s Trip The Light Fantastic. Brittney’s love for dance, film, and music have led to meaningful collaborations with esteemed musicians, The Barr Brothers, Richard Reed Parry, Elisapie, Calum Graham, and Michael Bernard Fitzgerald.

Credits: Performers: Alisia Pobega, Andrea Ward, Chad Erick Concepcion, Jérôme Simard, Holly Greco, Karl Abraham, Lola Ryan, Miranda Chan, Elizabeth Powell, Sheenah Ko, Brittney Canda, Nicolas Boivin, Roya The Destroya. Direction photo: Alexandre Nour. Editing: Vincent René-Lortie. Artistic direction, costumes: Geneviève Boiteau. Telescope Films – Production. Samuel Caron – Productor. Choreographer – Brittney Canda. Music – Sheenah Ko

Time: 3:42 min

ALTA by Antti Ahokoivu

Organic elements in a concrete world.

About the director

Antti Ahokoivu is a freelance cinematographer originally from Oulu, Finland and currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Ahokoivu has studied film in six different countries during the shift from film to the digital era. In his work, Ahokoivu aims for collaboration and good communication and uses previsualization as one of the tools to achieve this goal. He’s especially interested in dance films, because of their visuality and the absence of verbal communication.

Credits: Performers: Minttu Pietilä, Guillermo Sarduy. Photo direction, editing: Antti Ahokoivu. Costumes: Marja-Liisa Ahokoivu. Music: Juho Luukkainen.

Time: 7:31 min

Walls of Limerick by Arturo Bandinelli
(Festival International du Film sur l'Art)

This film is a statement on the psychological effects that harsh political borders have on people. It offers the viewer a window into the dancers’ internal worlds, where they go to escape from their bleak, oppressive reality. Gravity’s pull is constantly changing planes in this world and they have the freedom to articulate their feelings through movement. Both together and alone, they are able to express themselves and a bond is formed. As the distress and anxiety builds from external forces, their only way out is up the wall that both divides and supports them. With an army at their back and freedom in their hearts, the dancers struggle and fight to overcome the barriers in their way.

About the director

Originally from Italy, Arturo Bandinelli is a freelance filmmaker working in London where he studied at London College of Communication, graduating in 2013 with a first class honours degree. He is constantly looking for new challenges, aiming at the creation of unique and valuable content for a range of different video formats. From adverts to drama, live events to corporate videography, his goal is to communicate the key message clearly, with sharp concepts and an engaging visual style.

Credits: Performers: Kathryn Cooley, Maire Dee. Camera, editing: Arturo Bandinelli. Artistic direction: Kathryn Cooley, Máire Dee. Andrea Boccodoro and Roberto Bengini – Musical composition: Cormac Byrne – Live music production/ Percussion and sound effects. Danny Bride – Recording engineer. Aine McGeeney – Vocals. Dr. Hannah Fahey – Vocals. Matthew Lockett – Drone operator

Time: 3:34 min

Implied Lines by David Valolao

Non finito / Implied lines

A dance movie about otherhood

A reflection on plurality.

Presences, absences, languages, realities.

When a body is put into relationship, what does it say? How can it be looked at?

How can it collaborate with other bodies even if they seem hostile? How can it recognize their identities, potentials and limits? How can it be received?

How does it receive them?

How do I keep a fluid perception of the border between what is me and

what is not me?

About the director

David Valolao graduated with a degree in Graphic and Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Genova, Italy. He discovered his passion for storytelling when he was 20, and from that moment began to study narrative and philosophy and writing and directing short films. His first short was a thriller called Exit. He then received Tim Vison Awards for his next short L’anima Nascosta (The Hidden Soul). His latest short is the award-winning Una partita ai confini del mondo (A Match at the Ends of the Earth).

Credits: Performers Francesca Pedulla, Sara Parisi, Daniel De Luca, Kostandinos Katsamakis. Photo direction, camera, editing: David Valolao. Costumes: Sabrina Marzagalli. Artistic direction: Sabrina Marzagalli, Francesca Pedullà. Music: Alessandro Bartolena

Time: 9:20 min

Toporzel by Iwona Pasińska
(Short Waves Festival)

Beautiful mountain landscapes, from which the figures of dancers grow, rocks, bushes, the severity of nature and its strength, everything intertwines with each other, thus emphasizing the strong bonds between nature and man.

The project was inspired by sculptures by Stanisław Szukalski. In the works of this artist, who causes strong emotions, the motif of the human body appears; one can see muscle tension, movement, gesture and expression. The sculpture is made of earth, of nature, of which man is a part – this was the interpretive code of the project. The Toporzeł project could not have been created anywhere else than in the Izerskie Mountains in the «Stanisław» quartz mine in Szklarska Poręba. The Karkonosze and Izerskie Mountains hide secrets, they are a place where magic mixes with reality, where the history of the legendary Mountain Spirit is still alive.

About the director

Iwona Pasińska is a choreographer, movement dramatist, theatre theorist, artistic director of Movements Factory and founder of the Movements Factory Foundation. In 1997 Pasińska became the principal dancer of the Polish Dance Theatre. Since 2010 she has been collaborating as choreographer or movement dramaturge with dramatic theatres, operas and alternative theatres. She graduated from theatre theory at the Adam Mickiewicz University, where she also did her PhD. In 2016 she has become the Director of the Polish Dance Theatre.

Credits: Performers: Kacper Bożek, Jerzy Kaźmierczak, Zbigniew Kocięba, Dominik Kupka, Paweł Malicki, Michał Przybyła, Adrian Radwański. Photo direction, camera: Marek Grabowski. Editing: Edyta Pietrowska. Costumes: Andrzej Grabowski, Adriana Cygankiewicz. Artistic direction: Iwona Pasińska. Music: Henryk Mikołaj Górecki. Sound: Aleksandra Konik. Color-correction, post-production: Mirosław Mamczur. Location selection: Andrzej Grabowski. Production: Polish Dance Theatre 2019.

Time: 7:49 min

Clémentine by Chantal Caron

Clémentine, a cry beyond the guts. An unusual encounter with matter where animal instinct takes its place in contact with the mineral. To detach from the glitter and to envelop ourselves in mud, to reconnect with our shadow to better reveal its light. Clémentine is an initiatory journey leading to the pure and natural state where memories are shipwrecked to free the soul.

About the director

Chantal Caron, choreographer and artistic director of Fleuve Espace danse, has developed a specialty in outdoor choreography, using the magnificence of nature as a backdrop. She was recently named a Member of the Order of Canada, “for her artistic creations that showcase the natural heritage”. Her first short film, Glace, Crevasse et Dérive, was awarded by several international festivals. Her commitment also earned her being named Ambassador of the Saint-Laurent by the David Suzuki Foundation.

Credits: Performer: Clémentine Schindler. Photo direction, editing Julia Perron Langlois. Camera: Julia Perron Langlois, Richard Saint-Pierre. Artistic direction, costumes: Chantal Caron.