Audrey Gaussiran



Trained by masters in Brazil, Cuba, and Spain, Audrey Gaussiran completed her studies at the Conservatoire de danse de Montréal in 2007. She rapidly accumulated professional experience: SherazadeLa Traviata, FIJM, Festival du monde arabe… From 2012 to 2016, Audrey performed with DJD (Calgary), a leading contemporary jazz company. In 2017, she joined Zøgma, an urban folklore collective. Her career as a performer interweaves choreographic collaborations and independent projects, including Le 2e sexe (2014) and Portraits dansés (2017/dance video).

Artistic Vision

Anchored in a profound musicality, my creative research draws inspiration from socio-political themes (freedom of expression, feminism, war, terrorism…) and is articulated through stylistic deconstruction and intermixing. My contemporary flamenco gestural expression is conjugated by Eastern undulations and the dynamism of African dances. I explore the destructuration of stylistic codes: grounding a traditionally vertical dance, experimenting with a non-normative rhythm for a musical genre, etc. I also integrate a multidisciplinarity that unbinds my creative habits through dance video, digital art, music…

Photo credit: Lawrence Dupuis