Sandy Silva


Sandy Silva is an internationally renowned choreographer, producer and pioneer of percussive dance. She is inspired by global percussive dance practices that infuse the themes of movement, voice, theatricality and musicality. The result is a unique and powerful form of narrative performance. After 30 years of performing and teaching around the world, Sandy launched the Migration Dance Film Project (MDFP) with award-winning director Marlene Millar. Their films, screened internationally, have won numerous awards.

Sandy will work this summer with Marlene Millar for the co-creation of their short dance film.

Artistic Vision

My professional life centers on the craft of bodily rhythm-making, from the whisper of a shoe against the floor to blazingly fast body rhythm patterns. In my choreography, I seek to transcend the world of sound and gesture to engage emotionally with cultural form. Over the last two years, I have discovered how film can compliment and work as a partner to percussive dance.

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