Rebecca Margolick


Rebecca Margolick is a Canadian choreographer/performer based in Brooklyn. Her work has been shown in NYC, Bulgaria, Israel, San Diego, Poland, and Vancouver. Rebecca was a LABA Fellow at the 14th St Y with Maxx Berkowitz, where they created birds sing a pretty song. She was in residence at Derida Dance in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she created the solo Ministry. Currently, she is creating with Derida Dance in Sofia and Michiyaya NYC. Rebecca graduated with a BFA from Tisch NYU.

Artistic Vision

My work as a choreographer addresses the relevancy of movement in the modern world by connecting to the body as a source of history and knowledge. I celebrate the unexpected and challenge the edges between control and wildness through movement language that is both sensual and athletic. I maintain the belief that there is deep knowledge that already exists within the body, and my process works to unlock that knowledge through persistence and exploration.

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