Pauline Gervais

Pauline Gervais


Pauline Gervais began the professional program at Quebec’s École supérieure de ballet in 2004, completing it in May 2017. During her training, she had the opportunity to work with various choreographers, including Robert Glumbeck, Gioconda Barbuto and Shawn Hounsell. Passionate about choreography, Pauline Gervais develops her choreographic interpretation of gesture by adapting into movement novels such as The Ice People by René Barjavel and Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. In this way, she combines her passion for literature and for movement creation by composing authentic and unique pieces.

Artistic Vision

At the beginning of the process, it is important for me to explore the solo’s theme by improvising on various music that I have selected. This allows me to identify with one or another and to begin the choreographic process. While establishing set movements for the solo, I also leave room for improvisation based on an emotion, image or action that destabilizes me.

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