Menka Nagrani | Productions des Pieds des Mains

Menka Nagrani | Productions des Pieds des Mains


Choreographer, director and multidisciplinary artist, Menka produces engaged productions at the intersection of contemporary dance and experimental theatre. Les Productions des Pieds des Mains, the company that she founded, has integrated atypical artists in its creations since 2004, with the goal of inspiring philosophical reflection and questioning social norms. These large-scale productions have often been performed in Montréal, as well as elsewhere in Québec, in Canada, in Belgium, in France, and in Japan.

Artistic Vision

I have always been fascinated by the raw and true talent of artists with an intellectual impairment. When I read the piece Porc-Épic (porcupine) with its enthusiastic and candid characters, at once adults and children, I immediately thought of Gabrielle Marion-Rivard. Who better than this atypical artist to authentically portray the character’s purity. In a hybrid performance combining theatre and contemporary dance, I search for purity as much in the game as in the esthetic choreography.

Caroline Laberge

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