Mattew Heli Brunel |Compagnie Miroir Miroir

Mattew Heli Brunel |Compagnie Miroir Miroir


Mathew has experience in all spheres in which a dancer can evolve. Whether it be on television, in big productions, or for international companies and artists, he has evolved as much in the world of urban as contemporary dance. He has worked with Benoît Lachambre, Marc Boivin, Mars elle danse, and other choreographers and companies. Mathew continues to work on other projects simultaneously. In 2016, he created the Miroir Miroir company, a new vehicle through which to satisfy his perpetually expanding creativity.

Artistic Vision

My work is part of a weaving of solid connections between contemporary dance and the many techniques of urban dance. With this vocabulary, I explore the aspects of performative depth, fluidity, and suppleness raised by contemporary dance, while also seeking the strength, power, impact, and dynamicity defined by urban dance. I lead my performers towards a kinesthetic study so that their bodies may approach as closely as possible a truth about danced movement.

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