Magdalena Przybysz | HOTELOKO movement makers


Choreographer collaborated the HOTELOKO movement makers from 2015. Recipient of the scholarships of the: Minister of Culture, Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk, Institute of Music and Dance. A university lecturer teaching the Choreography of the everyday course at the University in Warsaw and the Somatic Methods course at the SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Currently in the course of training to become a Somatic Movement Educator at Embody-Move in London. Cooperates with theater directors and composers.

Artistic Vision

The starting point for me for the choreographic process were: Polish folklore (especially my local Krakowiak dance), authentic movement (performed by an experienced actress), classic and show dance (performed by a master dancer). I was curious what would happen if I created a postmodern movement mosaic made of these movements. The starting point for the conceptual process were questions I asked: How all cultural Polish absurds influence on our identity ? What does an “absolutely fabulous dancer” means to us?

Anna Ciupryk

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