Kate Ramsden


Kate Ramsden is a Montreal based dancer, choreographer, and video maker. Kaitlyn started dancing at Arts Umbrella in her hometown Vancouver B.C. where she had the pleasure of dancing for Crystal Pite, Cherice Barton, Donald Sales, Aszure Barton, James Kudelka, and Roberto Campanella. Since moving to Montreal Kaitlyn has completed her bachelor’s degree in English and History at Concordia University and co-founded Project Contrabête, a collective that explores the intersections between movement, the body, presence, and video.

Artistic Vision

I believe the body houses the ability to express meaning that goes beyond the spoken or written word. I am interested in collaboration and expanding the authorship of work. I am attracted to the politics of play as an inherent state of research, imagination, reaction, and joy. I am interested in borrowing from both quotidian and spectacular experiences. My practice is rooted in intersectional feminism, particularly how the notion of play intersects with the representation of femme bodies on stage.

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