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Following their providential meeting in Tel Aviv during a Gaga Intensive, Erin O’Loughlin (Calgary) and Laura Toma (Ottawa) decided to join Geneviève Boulet in Montreal and found the LA TRESSE Collective. Now, four years later, the trio is charging ahead at a dazzling pace.
LA TRESSE’s first piece, “Beauté Brute” (Raw beauty) was presented at Zone Homa, Vue Sur La Relève, and OFFTA (Montreal), Dance Matters (Toronto), and La Rotonde (Quebec). Created during a residency at Arsenal and CCOV, their second trio “Volume II” was presented at FQD 2016 and won the Prix Coup de Cœur du Public (Public’s Choice Award). Their third piece, “A Walkabout” was presented indoors during FQD’s 2017 edition.

Artistic Vision

United by a shared philosophy, Geneviève Boulet (the magician), Erin O’Loughlin (the empress), and Laura Toma (the priestess) share elements of their creative process and come together to create a collective work.
Pushed by their dreams and inspired by popular culture, they create contrasting worlds where the audience travels between the known and the unknown. Spontaneous and playful, they are devoted to the pursuit of joy.

Valérie Boulet

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