Clément Le Disquay et Paul Canestraro | Lève Un Peu Les Bras !


Paul Canestraro and Clément Le Disquay met as students in the Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities (STAPS). They founded in 2010 the contemporary dance company Lève un peu les Bras. They enrich their artistic vocabulary by challenging corporeal techniques with which they have experimented throughout their athletic and choreographic training. Their choreographic language thus intersects several styles: dance, hip hop, parkour, acrobatics, vertical dance, and yoga.

Artistic Vision

Imagination is at the heart of our playful and creative process. Our artistic language lies at the intersection of contemporary dance, aerial dance, rock climbing, parkour, and acrobatics. We continually seek to enrich our gestural language through the adaptability of bodies. We look to develop individual creativity from playful and collective situations. These tools feed our current artistic and pedagogical activities.

Angelina Lombardo

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