Catherine Wilson


Catherine Wilson, a graduate of Ballet Divertimento School since 2015, is an emerging contemporary dancer. In 2018, she became project manager and performer for her first substantial production, ELLES, choreographed by Andrea Peña. In 2019, she was invited as a panelist at Danse Transit to share her experience as an emerging artist. Catherine wishes to continue to collaborate, both as an interpreter and as a project manager, in creations with powerful and chaotic gestures that allow her to express her distress in the face of the current world.

Artistic Vision

ELLES uses repetition, raw, task-based physicality as well inertia-guided movement, reflecting mental and physical exhaustion in the face of subtle and systematic oppression. Through grounded and visceral movement whilst drawing external energy from the floor and the space that surrounds them, each individual is slowly swept by the soft yet powerful synergy of the group one could compare to a wolfpack. ELLES seeks to question and challenge without being moralistic. Finally, ELLES is a refusal of the world’s status quo.

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