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Cai Glover has devoted more than 20 years to the study of dance. He never tires of the search in finding ways to affect audiences through this art form and to appeal to the varied and countless emotional experiences of being human. Cai has worked with Henry Daniel, Paras Tarezakis, Josh Beamish, Judith Garay, Vanessa Goodman, Lauri Stallings, Edgar Zendejas, Morgane Le Tiec and has spent the last 6 years dancing with Cas Public under the direction of Helene Blackburn.

Artistic Vision

Hearing differently has become a driving force of my artistry and originality as a mover, interpreter and choreographer. Any pursuit of an understanding of the self as a means to an expression of one’s art is incomplete without the consideration of the unconscious activity of dreams. Not solely, but seriously, I maintain the importance of dream life and how attention to dreams will bring us closer to the self and thus closer to our art.

Mai Sato

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