Cai Glover | A Fichu Turning


Cai has been dancing, interpreting and creating in Montreal since 2012. Most recently he  has premiered works at Vue sur la Relève (2018), Festival Quartiers Danses (2018) and Skylines Dance and Film series (2018). Cai is thrilled to continue to animate and be  animated by Montreal’s inexhaustible art scene.

Artistic Vision

This process has been a bit unique as I have requested that my interpreters read a novel  that provoked in me a direct course for the work; I wish to colour our approach to the choreography by a discussion of the ideas that have been born from the novel. Because  women are a topic of the work, I will relinquish a bit my directorial role and instead allow the female interpreters to steer conversation and focus.

Mai Sato

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