Bradley Eng


Bradley Eng is an emerging choreographer and interpreter based in Montreal. He is currently working for Compagnie Virginie Brunelle as an interpreter for her new creation. Bradley is also researching new possibilities of contact dance by deconstructing the foundations of latin ballroom partnering to enhance communication to allow greater movement capacities for contemporary dancers to explore and create choreography. Through his researched he has developed a new movement methodology called Break Even.

Artistic Vision

I challenge preconceived aesthetics of what contemporary dance is by introducing new innovative methods of creation. By exploring Break Even, I continue to discover new fragments of myself through movement that even influences my daily life. With strengthening my understanding of who I am, it shows me what kind of creator and leader I wish to become. By continuing this research, I deepen my connection with my identity to be able to push contemporary movement somewhere it has yet to go.

Kevin Jung-Hoo Park

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