Andrea Peña | Andrea Peña & Artists

Andrea Peña | Andrea Peña & Artists


Andrea Peña is a Colombian, Montreal based multidisciplinary artist within the fields of choreography and design. Artistic Director of Andrea Peña & Artists, the dance company is recognized as an exciting emerging company at the national and international scale. Her works are focused on the creation of critical, alternative and spatial universes that question the individual within society. Peña’s works have toured internationally to Mexico, China, Spain, Greece, Dominican Republic, and Panama; while presented at Montreal’s prestigious DanseDanse, Maison de La Culture Villeray, Maison de La Culture Maisonneuve amongst many others. She has been commissioned by Musee des Beaux-Arts, Canadian Center for Architecture, Laval Symphony Orchestra, 375e Montreal, and SpringBoard. Her creations have been supported by Arsenal Art Contemporaine, Circuit-Est, Ionion Arts Center, FIDCDMX, HKICAROS, and AADK, while funded by CALQ, and Canada Arts Council.

Artistic Vision

The works created by Andrea Peña and Artists, aim to bring to audiences, alternate atmospheric worlds, shifting universes, which are familiar yet inquisitive of our social “humanness”. The collective aims to envelop the audience into the reality of society through the experience of a world known and unknown. Although directed by Peña, the group breaks beyond pre-established relationships between dancer, creator, between the “body” and the “mind,” creating choreographic environments that breach humanity, culture and transgress our day to day.

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