Xavier Curnillon

Filmmaker & visual artist

Extract from the short film SOUCHE.

Length: 6 minutes

Cinema Program
Co-productions 2020
Saturday, September 11th 12PM

Paid online broadcast from September 8


Morgane Le Tiec

The short dance film SOUCHE is intended as a tribute to all these women still stuck in their housewife role. By moving from the organic to the vegetal, from the absurd to the aesthetic, a woman seeks to emancipate herself, to get out of what has been imposed on her for centuries and is still present in some societies. Detaching herself, freeing herself, this is the aspiration of this woman who struggles to remove all the layers that have been stuck on her skin and which are now part of her.


Morgane Le Tiec x Xavier Curnillon

These interviews were conducted in collaboration with MAtv, Vidéotron’s citizen channel, as part of the Festival Quartiers Danses series.


Xavier Curnillon is a director and visual artist specializing in the capture of movement. His first film Perception was selected for FIFA, RVCQ and FTA. He then produced Scannographie for the 35 screens at Place-des-Arts, then Migrant Bodies, crowned best short film at the Master Film Festival. After numerous collaborations with, notably, Hélène Blackburn, Mélanie Demers, Danièle Desnoyers, Virginie Brunelle and Louise Bédard, the artist is preparing his next short film inspired by the theme of fear.

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