Véronique Giasson

Choreographer and dancer

Extract from the work RESET.

Length : 20 minutes.

Share the evening with Emmanuelle Martin, Adrian W.S Batt and Charles Brecard.

Indoor program
Sunday, September 12th 8pm
Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts



The RESET duet, performed by Véronique Giasson and Nicolas Zemmour, tests the physical limits of the body while imposing a strict accuracy of movement through constant back and forth movements. To the music of LACRYMOBOY, this piece highlights the body; one’s own, that of the Other and the egalitarian relationship that is established between the two through their journey and their complex paths.


Véronique is a graduate of the École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec. Her career path has been peppered with varied experiences, midway between ballet and contemporary dance. Over the past thirteen years, she has danced for numerous companies, including Cas Public, Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal, the Théâtre national de la Sarre (Germany), the Marie Chouinard Company, the Tania Perez-Salas Company (Mexico), Ezdanza, Andrea Peña & Artists, Cirque du Soleil and, more recently, Ballet Preljocaj (France).

Artistic vision

 Fine-tuning and highlighting bodies in motion are central to my priorities as a creator. My keen senses of musicality and precision are two qualities that define me as a performer and as a choreographer. For this reason, I seek to push the limits of the body, in search of correctness of form and the complexity of rhythm.

Dancers: Véronique Giasson and Nicolas Zemmour


Dramaturgy: Mathieu Leroux

Repeater: Alisia Pobega

Costumes: Philippe Massé


Photo credits performance: Stéphane Turner

Photo credits portrait: Sasha Onyshchenko (Kravetz Photographics)

Video credits: Stéphane Turner