Cie. Toula Limnaios

Toula Limnaios



A student in both classical and modern dance, Toula Limnaios has worked as a performer with Claudio Bernardo and Régine Chopinot. In addition to being a member of the Folkwang Studio under Pina Bausch’s leadership, she participated for several years in improvised dancing with musicians Konraf Bauer and Peter Kowald. Toula Limnaios is regularly invited as a guest professor and choreographer. Since 1996, she has been leading the Toula Limnaios Company she co-founded with Ralf R. Ollertz.

Excerpt of the piece Tempus Fugit

Length : 65 min

Indoors programming
Friday, September 9th, 8:00 PM
Grands Ballets Canadiens's Studio-Théâtre at Wilder Building

Tempus Fugit


In Tempus Fugit, the Toula Limnaios Company explores the concept of time and the pursuit of happiness for humankind who, according to Nietzsche, has neither past nor future. Seven dancers occupy the stage, moving continuously as a flowing unit, giving the impression of an all-engulfing tide. The shared movement of the dance is at times broken by the emergence of individuality.  The group of dancers embodies our agitated and breathless fight against time. Together, almost as a horde, they resemble a muscle through their overabundance of vitality and solidarity. Showcasing the contrast between group and identity, the piece is centered around power and momentum. As a microcosm, Tempus Fugit delivers us from isolation by unleashing a new power.

Indoors programming
Monday, September 12th, 8:00 PM
Grands Ballets Canadiens's Studio-Théâtre at Wilder Building

Volto Umano


Volto Umano reveals human nature’s weakness and volatility by injecting violence in the artists’ microsociety. The piece showcases society’s “small misdeeds” that can lead to ruthlessness. It highlights how fragile our civilization’s safety net is when ethics and morals fall victim to cruelty. When pride is revealed, humanity’s precarious balance can be broken at any time and create disaster. When violence becomes part of our lives, what side of us will emerge?

Excerpt of the piece Volto Umano

Length : 70 min

Artistic vision

Our work was created by combining dance, music, video and light, and dedicating them to literary inspirations and current themes in a subtlety abstract form. Themes such as relationships, the connection between body and mind, and group cohesion are center to our work. The Toula Limnaios Company focuses on human relationships to create something bigger together as a group.

Dancers :

Daniel Afonso, Leonardo d’Aquino, Francesca Bedin, Laura Beschi, Priscilla Fiuza, Alessio Scandale, Hironori Sugata, Karolina Wyrwal