Suzanne Miller, Mindy Yan Miller and Allan Paivio

Suzanne Miller

Choreographer and dancer

Extract form the work Needle and Thread.

Length : 110 minutes.

Indoor program
From Tuesday, September 14th
to Friday, September 17th
McCord Museum amphitheatre

Saturday, September 18th continuous performance from 2om to 4pm
Sunday, September 19th continuous performance from 2om to 4pm
McCord Museum amphitheatre

Access limited to 25 people at a time in the theatre
Presentation of vaccination passport and proof of identity required, in accordance with government regulations

Needle and Thread


Needle and Thread – is a commemorative performance that develops from the dance, music and installation practices of Suzanne Miller, Allan Paivio and Mindy Yan Miller. The work starts from a list of 600 names of Holocaust victims collected by Yad Vashem World Holocaust Remembrance Center, in an extensive and ongoing project: Pages of Testimony. As the piece begins, Mindy sits and sews onto a large pieced skirt, constructed from unwanted garments, adding her thoughts and labor, stitch by stitch. Suzanne wears the skirt and performs a series of embodied inscriptions, tracing each of the names gathered from the Pages of Testimony. Allan Paivio’s sound design deploys whispers and song as the names punctuate and weave through an ambient industrial undertone, contrasted with the calls of songbirds.


Suzanne Miller choreographs dance performances for the stage and the screen, for the purpose of revealing and revelling in the extraordinary. Her company, Suzanne Miller & Allan Paivio Productions, is based in Montréal, Canada. Their repertoire includes over fifty original works developed for theatre settings, as well as for unusual venues and public spaces. Their collaborations have been performed in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and South Asia.

Artistic vision

For me, dance is a process of “re-belonging,” where all body parts are separate in function and movement. Multiple actions can be performed, either as single entities and/or simultaneously. Through rhythm and song, I embody memory, drawing on these types of motion dynamics and internal conversations.

Interpretors: Suzanne Miller, Allan Paivio, Mindy Yan Miller, Ainsley McNeaney, Michelle Miller et Tim Middleton


Photo credits portrait : Allan Paivio

Photo credits performance : Daniel Paquet