Roxanne Dupuis



Born in New Brunswick and based in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) since 2014, Roxanne Dupuis has been dancing since she the age of 3. She finished a pre-vocational training program in Moncton, her hometown. Recognised for her leadership skills by the Masters of DansEncorps Company, she is awarded a professional teacher training in Creative Dance and Jazz. She is today a Senior member of DansEncorps’ youth group, performing on various stages at the regional, national and international levels. She undertakes her professional training at the École de danse contemporaine de Montréal in 2014. While studying, she collaborates with renowned companies and choreographers such as Cas public, Alan Lake, Angélique Willkie, Marc Boivin and Sam Coren. She starts performing professionally in Tension, a Quebec/Acadie co-production by choreographer Daniel Bélanger of Company Code Universel (Quebec). Roxanne has received a New Brunswick Arts Scholarship, and wishes to pursue sharing her love of dance grow as an authentic artist. Roxanne will soon be travelling to discover more movement styles, and meet new choreographers and dancers.


Photo credit: Julie Artacho