Morgane Le Tiec

Choreographer & dancer


Originally from France, Morgane Le Tiec is a multidisciplinary artist-performer and choreographer. After several years as an dancer for, among others, La la la Human Steps, Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal, the company Marie Chouinard and Cirque du Soleil, Morgane is now exploring choreography. Her creations have won her several prizes, including the Audience Prize in 2015 from the FQD for Sous ma peau, then the Jury Prize in an urban context from the FQD in 2018 for Au-delà des ecchymoses.

Morgane is collaborating with filmmaker Xavier Curnillon for the co-creation of their short dance film.

Artistic Vision

My choreographic work is rooted in questions of fundamental societies and is based on transhumanist philosophy. Thanks to a staging and a scenography filled with archetypes, I seek to challenge the public and lead them to question their behaviour. I present to them a constrained body which seeks its place among the standards and expectations of society. What humanity do we find in the face of a society that is evolving towards timelessness and transcending human possibilities?

Photo credit: Clémentine Schindler