Mateo H Casis


Extract from the short film Ombre verte.

Length: 10 minutes 30 secondes.

Cinema Program
Co-productions 2020
Saturday, September 11th 12PM

Paid online broadcast from September 8

Ombre verte

Geneviève Gagné

Ombre Verte dives in the need for connection to one another. The short film reveals six protagonists, one after the other, as their trajectory meets. Stuck in the face of the impossibility of physical contact, their immediate environment becomes their only possibility of tactile interaction. Through this contact, a breach is created … a superposition between real and imaginary life unfolds. These back and forths between reality and dream bring out a universal connetion  from the unconscious: “Together. We exist. Together. Imperfect, infinite, nested. Whole. Linked. Woven. Linked.”


Geneviève Gagné x Mateo H Casis

These interviews were conducted in collaboration with MAtv, Vidéotron’s citizen channel, as part of the Festival Quartiers Danses series.


Originally from Colombia, Mateo H Casis has been a director, DOP, cameraman and photographer since 2007. He holds a BAC in filmmaking and an ACS in commercial photography (Dawson College). He has worked in film, television and advertising. His clients now include TVE, Coca Cola, Béton Surface, Brain Sentinel. Based in Montreal, he has collaborated artistically with Les Grands Ballets, Cirque du Soleil, FloorRider&Tonik (Geneviève Gagné) and Ample Man Danse. He is the recipient of the Best Production Award at the Blockbuster Awards.

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