Malandain Ballet Biarritz (Biarritz, France)

Thierry Malandain



Elected to the Académie des Beaux-Arts in 2019, Thierry Malandain has created a portfolio that is deeply rooted in classical dance. He showcases the strength, virtuosity, humanity, and sensuality of the dancing body. Using an understated and timeless style, and guided by his search for meaning and aesthetics, he draws inspiration from both the grassroots and the reinvention of conventional dance. 

Extract of the piece La Pastorale

Length : 75 minutes.

Indoor programming
Thursday, September 8th, Opening evening, 20:00 PM
Special representation at Théâtre Maisonneuve of la Place des Arts

La Pastorale

22 dancers

Malandain Biarritz Ballet presents The Pastorale,  Ludwig van Beethoven’s 6th Symphony. “An ode to rustic life, the Pastoral Symphony is the expression of an emotion rather than a descriptive work”. Conveying the composer’s deep love for nature, the piece orchestrates 22 artists expressing, through dance, the innocence and peace of Ancient Greece. Serene and thoroughly idealistic, The Pastorale refers to Hellenic Antiquity as a nostalgic place of artistic perfection, where pain caused by endless desire meets bliss provided by the original light.

Artistic vision

La Pastorale naturally centers around Beethoven’s 6th Symphony, the Pastoral Symphony. It portrays the flowery paths of the ancient countryside, the innocence of earlier times, and the sacred dust of Athens, gliding like a halo. Also including Cantata op. 112 and a few bars of The Ruins of Athens as a background for the travels of a wandering companion, La Pastorale alludes to Ancient Greece as a nostalgic and revitalizing place, taking you from the pain of endless desire to the spiritual kingdom of infinity.

Indoors programming
Saturday , September 10th ,9 :00 PM
Grands Ballets Canadiens's Studio-Théâtre at Wilder Building

Mozart à deux

12 dancers

Malandain Biarritz Ballet presents Mozart à 2, an excerpt of the Bal Solitude taken from the German Leipzig Ballet and the Austrian Wiener Staatsballett’s repertoire. Set during a ball where festivities and romantic adventures unite, the duo expresses how loneliness can erode the soul when love is not celebrated. Through dance interpretations of Mozart’s piano concertos, Mozart à 2 showcases the emptiness one may feel when love is not reciprocated.

Extract from the piece Mozart à deux

Length : 35 minutes.

Artistic vision

Back in 1997, a few pages of Mozart’s piano concertos helped create the duos in Bal Solitude. It recounted love stories during a ball, a celebration than can also bring forth loneliness when love is not shared. Mozart à 2 alludes to the changing face of a feeling that is sometimes as deep as the emptiness it brings

Extract of the piece Nocturnes

Length : 28 minutes.

Indoors programming
Saturday, September 10th, 7:00 PM


22 dancers

Malandain Ballet Biarritz presents Nocturnes, an interpretation of the overwhelming sorrow love can cause. It showcases funeral dances from the end of the Middle Ages on Les Nocturnes, a collection of 21 music pieces Frédéric Chopin created between 1827 and 1846. Broadening the relationship between life and death, the show describes the relationship between the passage of time and death, picturing it as the brotherly reunion of all humans, becoming more than just life or death. Picturing everlasting melancholy, Nocturnes draws its inspiration from Chopin’s dark romanticism and medieval funeral dances.

Artistic vision

In his Nocturnes music pieces, Chopin explores the dreaminess of love through the depth of his melancholic nature. Chopin’s description of a feeling suffused with an obscure mist drove Thierry Malandain to compare it with popular funeral dances from the end of the Middle Ages. They symbolized the passage of time and pictured death as the brotherly reunion of people from all walks of life. Nocturnes paints the picture of a dream crushed by the weight of everlasting sorrow.

Dancers in La Pastorale and Nocturnes:

22 dancer : Alejandro Sánchez Bretones, Alessia Peschiulli, Allegra Vianello, Claire Lonchampt, Clémence Chevillotte, Frederik Deberdt, Giuditta Banchetti, Guillaume Lillo, Hugo Layer, Irma Hoffren, Ismael Turel Yagüe, Jeshua Costa, Julen Rodriguez Flores, Julie Bruneau, Laurine Viel, Loan Frantz, Marta Alonso, Mickaël Conte, Noé Ballot, Patricia Velázquez, Raphaël Canet, Yui Uwaha

Dancers in Mozart à deux :

12 dancers of Malandain Ballet Biarritz

Portrait photo credit : Johan Morin & Yocom

Performance photo credit : to come