Maïka Giasson
and Alexandre Wilhelm

Choreographers and dancers

Extract from the work Tracking.

Lenght: 25 minutes.

Outdoor program

Wednesday, September, 15th 11:35AM

Thursday, September, 16th 11:35AM
Place des Festivals

Friday, September 17th 11:35AM
Place des Festivals



As a reflection of our fast-paced society, Tracking is a race against the unattainable, coupled with a feeling of being pursued. Moving in sync with the music, the dancers try to restore a balance between the past and the future to enable themselves to better experience the here and now. The piece is an adventure, the pursuit of something, of an ideal. The duet subtly reveals a quest for identity that cannot be achieved alone, yet could be achieved in tandem


Montréalers Maïka Giasson and Alexandre Wilhelm both studied at the École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal. With a background in urban dance, Alexandre is a founding member of the Popping Dead Angle Crew. He has collaborated with Stacey Désilier, Tentacle Tribe, Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo and Destins Croisés. After graduation, Maïka completed advanced training courses in Europe, notably at B12 and P.A.R.T.S. She has collaborated with Stacey Désilier, Jacques Poulin-Denis and Parts+Labour_Danse.

Artistic vision

Driven by a desire to promote dance as a social representation of our environment, we are strongly inspired by the blending of diverse styles. We integrate gestural concepts from breaking and popping, while retaining a contemporary creative approach. We seek to create a physical and poetic universe while remaining playful. Our gestural explorations are driven by the desire to create an environment in which performers feel free to express themselves fully.

Dancers: Maïka Giasson and Alexandre Wilhelm


Photo credits performance : Étienne Béland