Louis-Elyan Martin

Choreographer & dancer


First a performer in contemporary dance, Louis-Elyan Martin quickly asserted himself as a choreographer. In 2015, he created [ID] DOUBLE, which has been presented for the past five years in Canada, France, Cyprus, the Dominican Republic and South America in October 2020. In 2016, TITANOMACHIE was presented at the Festival Quartiers Danse. Then in 2019, he presented his new solo SOUS LA BRÈCHE, but also a draft of his in situ project CANTO OSTINATO at the Arsenal Art Contemporain.

Artistic Vision

The dichotomy of the human, this tension that lives in us, is for me such a range of possibilities of exploration. This abundance of moral dualities gives rise to an emotion charged with sensitivity, between fragility and frenzy. My literary and historical background directs my practice towards the construction of complex and impactful images in a specific spatial architecture. I compose with the intuition of the body facing images. The result is a quest for identity, materializing the different intimate struggles in mind and body to find a certain balance.