Jeanne Renaud


Louise Bédard and Marc Boivin


Extract from the work Projet Feldman/Renaud.

Length : 77 minutes.

New creation, whole afternoon.

Indoor program
Saturday, September 11th 2:30pm
Sunday, September 12th 2:30pm
Bourgie Hall Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Projet Feldman/Renaud


For Jeanne Renaud, this new creation echoes her memorable encounter with composer Morton Feldman in post-war New York, when she was only 17. Since that day, Feldman’s music, which gives full rein to sound, silence, time and space, has continued to resonate with her. One of the composer’s final works, a 77-minute piano piece called “For Bunita Marcus,” was the catalyst for this collaboration with Louise Bédard and Marc Boivin, Renaud’s two dancers of choice. A man and a woman, viewed from behind, and at a distance from each other, walk slowly through a space, not seeing each other. And yet their gestures call out to each other. Without ever touching, they communicate through the infinite nuances of the music, which is performed live by pianist Claudia Chan, and create a fragile chemistry. In this magical place that is Bourgie Hall, bathed in natural light, time stands still. It is an intimate, minimalist experience made up of silence, mysterious resonances, and imperceptible surges and sparks…an enticement to dive into oneself.


Jeanne Renaud has played a leading role in the evolution of contemporary dance in Quebec. Over the course of her career, she has created more than 50 choreographic works, notably for the Groupe de la Place Royale, which she founded in 1966. She has also worked with several internationally renowned composers and visual artists. Her contributions to dance have been recognized through numerous awards and distinctions.

Artistic vision

   Initially, my approach stems from meetings, and then from studio work, evolving from simple intuition to more complete explorations. Each project is unique. For this one, I was inspired by the notion of desire between two beings, their sexual differences, their attraction and inflection, their intertwining and their respective quests for identity. The ideas I convey through bodies have always been born of my own experiences. It is a process of transmission of experience and savoir-faire…my own and that of the dancers.

Dancers: Louise Bédard and Marc Boivin


Photo credits portrait: Claudia Chan Tak

Photo credits performance: Liliana Reyes (with the kind permission of Dance Collection Danses)