Janelle Hacault

Choreographer and dancer

Extract from the work Ce Moment Où….

Length: 25 minutes.

Outdoor program
Monday, September 13th 11:35AM
Place des Festivals

Monday, September 13th 3:30PM
Avenue Bernard

Ce Moment Où…


Ce Moment Où… is a voyage through time. It is an exploration of the fragile, precious and sometimes deceptive nature of memory. It conjures three different recollections through three uniquely contrasting musical works, and magnifies the emotional experiences evoked by these remembrances. Drawing on contemporary dance, theatre and live electroacoustic harp compositions, dancer Janelle Hacault and harpist Coralie Gauthier return to FQD to present their third piece as a collaborative duo since their debut in 2018.


Janelle Hacault is a Montréal-based choreographer, poet, actor and incarnation coach. She is a trained actor and holds a BA Honours degree from the University of Winnipeg. She is also a graduate of the Senior Professional Program of the School of Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg. Currently, she works with the Trip The Light Fantastic company. This will be her third appearance at FQD.

Coralie Gauthier has been playing the harp for more than 16 years. She completed her classical training at the Conservatoire de Musique de Montréal. Over the past ten years, she has performed and composed both locally and internationally with several different bands and musical ensembles. She is now focusing on developing her solo project, Minkworks, in Montréal’s electronic and experimental scene.

Artistic vision

 By combining an awareness of the here and now with the body and emotion, I seek to reveal the vulnerable aspects of the human condition through movement and theatre. I draw inspiration from contemporary dance, floor work and theatre, as well as by exploring various textures. It is imperative for me that my work create a connection between the creator/performer and the observer.

Dancer: Janelle Hacault

Harpist: Coralie Gauthier


Photo credits portrait: Romain Lorraine

Photo credits performance: Romain Lorraine