James Viveiros
in collaboration with Sara Hanley

Choreographer and dancer

Extract from the work PLAY:BACK (the missing half).

Length : 40 minutes.

Share the evening with Vera Kvarcakova and Jeremy Galdeano.

Indoor program
Wednesday, September 15th 8pm
Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts

PLAY:BACK (the missing half)

PLAY:BACK(the missing half) is loosely based on Plato’s Symposium, which is a fantastical, mythological story about how humans were at one time twice the people that they are now. This was seen as threatening to the gods so Zeus cut everyone in half. Since then, humans have gone about their lives in search of their other half in order to become whole. PLAY:BACK is a performance journey deploying a vision of love and desire beyond race, gender and sexual preferences. The work is an ode to attachment but also passionate, sometimes toxic love, and this human experience of interconnection in this web of life.


James Viveiros is a Montréal-based contemporary dance artist of Métis and Portuguese descent, whose career has spanned more than 25 years. He was a company member with the Marie Chouinard Company and collaborated with numerous companies and choreographers, as both a performer and a creator. He has studied with the Batsheva Dance Company in Tel Aviv, Israel, under the direction of Ohad Naharin. Since 2017, he has been creating choreographic works under the name of VIVUSjamesviveiros. In addition to choreographing, collaborating, performing, and rehearsal directing for other artists across Canada, James travels frequently to share his passion of movement to students of all levels as a guest teacher in various dance institutions, schools, movement facilities and universities.


Artistic vision

I turn to dance to exercise my freedom to communicate. Through dance, I find new conditions for being. I am interested in the minute details of human movement – a slightness of breath; a shift of the eye; or a surge of energy that creates a shiver up the spine.

Dancers: James Viveiros and Sara Hanley


Photo credits: Emily Gan