Geneviève Gagné

Choreographer and dancer

Extract from the work Ombre verte.

Length : 25 minutes.

Share the evening with Charles Brecard.

Indoor program
Monday, September 13th 8pm
Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts

Ombre verte


Ombre verte is a stage-based choreographic work inspired by the short film of the same name, which was created for the 18th edition of the FQD. The trajectories of the six performers intersect to highlight the human connections they share. These interactions create a superimposition of real life and imagination, drawing out the subconscious elements of this universal connection: “Together. We exist. Together. Imperfect, infinite, intertwined. Whole. Linked. Interwoven. Connected.


Choreographer, teacher, improviser and performer Geneviève Gagné graduated from UQAM in 2005. She specializes in floor work, where she combines contemporary and breakdance techniques. Between 2007 and 2017, she created more than 10 pieces with Emily Honegger for their company Floor Rider & TONIK. She also works as a freelance performer with Trip The Light Fantastic, Destins Croisés, Ample Man Danse, Cirque Éloize and Les Imprudanses, and she has been teaching in Cégep de Saint-Laurent’s dance department since 2009.

Artistic vision

  I’m a sensitive and curious artist. My Qi Gong practice encouraged me to listen to my creative impulses by giving them space to flourish and reach their full potential. I’m interested in partner work and lifts, where bodies create magnified situations, and am completely invested in large-scale gestural phrases. The integration of breakdance into my choreographic universe is constantly revalidated by my passion for floor work and the intrinsic musicality of this art form.

Dancers: Joe Danny Aurélien, José Flores, Julie Tymchuk, Marilyne Cyr, Éric Athis et Geneviève Gagné


Photo credits portrait: Marie-Frédérique Frigon

Photo credits performance: Photogram Ombre verte réalisation Mateo H Cassis