Eva Guerrero

Choreographer and Dancer

Excerpt of the piece Gorpuztu.

Length : 55 minutes

Indoors programming
Saturday, September 17th, 19:00 PM
Bourgie Hall- Montreal Musem of Fine Arts

Gorpuztu (55min)


A contemporary dance with live music, Gorpuztu explores the search for balance. The movements of the piece were inspired by gestures from various religious rituals. 

To create Gorpuztu, the body was divided into various parts, and the movements of prayers were studied to explore concepts that are common to many religions, including guilt, penance, transcendence, love and submission. The piece’s poetry, powerful aesthetic and Japanese inspiration have touched hundreds of people. 


Eva Guerrero studied the Performing Arts in Bilbao and at the University of Leeds. A choreographer for 15 years, she presented her early performances at alternative sites, combining dancing with words. In 2012, she co-founded DOOS Colectivo with Jemima Cano, and created indoor and outdoor shows, as well as multidisciplinary projects where dance meets literature and videography. 

Artistic vision

Gorpuztu is the product of a year of research on how different religions use gestures in their rituals. Garazi (the performer) and I met many people who taught us their religious movements and rituals. We then started shaping the show during various residencies in a rural area. Tree and cherry leaves, as well as Japanese inspiration, made their way in the piece

Dancer : Eva Guerrero

Musicians : Garazi Lopez de Armentia, Nerea Alberdi, Yolanda Bustillo, Cristina Samaniego, Carla Sevilla


Portrait photo credit : Eva Guerrero