Nouena Dance Company

Emmanuelle Martin

Choreographer and dancer

Extract from the work Encounter.

Length : 25 minutes.

Share the evening with Adrian W.S. Batt, Véronique Giasson and Charles Brecard.

Indoor program
Sunday September 12, 8pm
Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts



In a society where everything is in constant flux, I question the notion of personal balance, which, paradoxically, remains perpetually unstable and uncertain. Encounter highlights the sinuous path that leads an individual to an encounter with a “self” that is balanced, at peace and in harmony with its environment. This piece explores the ever-changing, redundant, endless aspects of this difficult quest, where nothing can be taken for granted and everything remains to be learned, unlearned, relearned, discovered and rediscovered.


Holder of a bachelor’s degree in dance, Emmanuelle Martin has performed on four continents with Sinha Danse, Bouge De Là, Van Grimde Corps Secrets and Trip The Light Fantastic. As a choreographer, she specializes in blending contemporary and urban styles, and is particularly interested in the expressiveness and energy of movement. She likes to experiment with rhythm, improvisation and isolations.

Artistic vision

  I am fascinated by the universal language of movement and, more precisely, by the emotion it conveys, without the need for any intellectual understanding. It’s something raw, true and pure! Blending my backgrounds in contemporary, urban and Latin dance styles, I play with rhythm and repetition, which leads to the deconstruction of movement and gives it a visceral quality. My work is guided by improvisation and body isolations.

Composer: Marybelle Frappier, Léo Jourdain

Lighting design: Benoit Larivière

Rehearsal direction/Outside eye: Audrey Gaussiran, Liliana Argumedo, Sara Harton

Costume consultant: Emily Rose


Photo credits performance: David Wong

Photo credits portrait: Matthew Heli Brunel