Emmanuelle Martin



Graduate of a BFA in Dance, Emmanuelle evolves with artists such as Bruno Guillore (Hofesh Shechter), Rudy Bryans (Marseille Opera), Linda-Denise Fisher-Harell (Alvin Ailey), Tom Weinberger (Batsheva) or Victor Quijada (RUBBERBANDance). Specializing in contemporary and urban dances, she joins the works of Kim San Chau, Bettina Hoffman, Johanne Gour and Sébastien Cliche … In 2018, she joins P7: 1sma Dance Company, a Singaporean company combining traditional Malay dance with contemporary dance. She also collaborates with Maya Dance Theater. Currently, she works for the companies Trip The Light Fantastic, Mirror Mirror, Sinha Dance, Ampleman Dance, Van Grimde Corps and Secret and Bouge De Là. She also choreographed for various projects including Multisens, Ballet Ouest and her solo “Et … what next” marrying video, photography and dance.