Charles Brecard

Choreographer and Dancer

Excerpt of the piece Soliloquy.

Length : 25 minutes

Indoors programming
Tuesday, September 13th , 8:00 PM
Grands Ballets Canadiens's Studio-Théâtre at Wilder Building

Soliloquy (25min)


A soliloquy is a self-discourse, the act of talking to oneself. In SOLILOQUY, the performer meanders through their thoughts, pushing themselves to face their emotions, questions, and fears. Throughout their introspection, they are escorted by a skeleton representing the remains of humanity. Both human and skeleton interact to create a powerful waltz through confessions, accusations and expression. The show symbolizes a journey of discovery when one is confronted to their own losses, regrets, angers and internal conflicts.

The pessimistic and almost fatalistic tone is contrasted with humour, joy, and honesty. It aspires to stimulate our inner fantasy world while questioning one’s own tendency to denial, inviting the audience to challenge the status quo, take action and express opinions.


Born in New Caledonia from Vietnamese parents, Charles Brecard graduated from the École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal (EDCM) in 2017. He has since collaborated with various Montreal artists, including Parts+Labor_Danse, Andrea Peña, Andrew Skeels and Martin Messier. He has developed his own practice, “FLUIDIFY”, drawing inspiration from his ethnic and cultural background, and from urban, folkloric, and contemporary dance. Suffused with physicality and theatrical poetry, his choreographic pieces have been presented and acclaimed in several countries.

Artistic vision

My artistic approach is mostly defined as the quest for movements that are readable, raw, fluid, spontaneous, and aesthetically different. My FLUIDIFY dance practice has driven me to develop a rich gestural vocabulary – based on a powerful physicality rooted and inspired by the different types of dances I have experienced – while including such notions as flow and anti-delicateness. In my opinion, dance is a spiritual journey, a way to dedicate oneself to something bigger and let go of one’s ego.

Dancer : Charles Brecard


Portrait photo credit : Olivia N’guyen

Performance photo credit : Melika Dez