Cai Glover


Excerpt of the piece I know you but I don’t know you.

Length: 20 minutes.

Indoors programming
Sunday, September 18th, 4:00 PM
Grands Ballets Canadiens's Studio-Théâtre at Wilder Building

I know you but I don't know you (20min)


Through the eyes of a witness, I know you but I don’t know you recounts a distant relationship between a brother and a sister. Because of distance, space and loneliness, the fraternal relationship is exacerbated, as life relentlessly places them on tracks they have not willingly chosen. As the witness, the third dancer personifies life’s shared existence. 


The choreographer works with ASL (American Sign Language) to develop and explore the emotional complexity of dance’s vocabulary. As a hard-of-hearing choreographer, he aims to create the expression of pure language through dance. Using spoken language and literary essays, Cai Glover aspires to rise above words through a fast, expressive and highly emotional choreography.


Through never-ending research and study of the art of dance, Cai Glover has been perfecting, producing, and creating art for 25 years. Constantly looking for new ways to touch his audience, he appeals to the depth of people’s diverse and countless emotional experiences. As a hard-of-hearing artist, listening differently has become a powerful force behind his art, and the source of his originality both as a performer and a choreographer.

Artistic vision

Listening differently has become the driving force behind my creative art, both as a performer and a choreographer. I believe difference is important and I try to shed light on the art of being deaf. I never overcame my “handicap” to become a professional dancer and choreographer, quite the opposite. I embraced it as a different way to perform an art that becomes richer with diversity

Dancers : Madi Long, Florence Hughes, Cai Glover


Portrait photo credit : Alex Ellison