Brittney Canda

Choreographer & filmmaker

Extract from the short film TOUCH.

Length: 9 minutes 44 secondes

Cinema Program
Co-productions 2020
Saturday, September 11th 12PM

Paid online broadcast from September 8


Kyra Jean Green

TOUCH is a dance film that takes place in an imagined future: where for unmentioned reasons, humans have been living without physical touch for a very long time. We witness our characters interact with a simple mechanical device in a large, private space.This is in order to experience the touch of another human being, for the first time in the new physically distant future.


Kyra Jean Green x Brittney Canda

These interviews were conducted in collaboration with MAtv, Vidéotron’s citizen channel, as part of the Festival Quartiers Danses series.


Brittney Canda is a choreographer, and film director in Montréal. She performs an interactive interdisciplinary act with musician, Sheenah Ko and is a company member of Kyra Jean Green’s Trip The Light Fantastic. Brittney’s love for dance, film, and music have led to numerous collaborations with esteemed musicians, for whom she has written, directed, choreographed, and starred in several music videos. Owen Pallett, The Barr Brothers, Richard Reed Parry, Elisapie, and Wintersleep are just a few of the artists she has had the pleasure of creating work for. Her work in film has been screened and handsomely awarded in festivals world-wide.

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