Angie Pepper O’Bomsawin

Producer & filmmaker

Extract from the short film Smudge.

Length: 5 minutes 20 secondes.

Cinema Program
Co-productions 2020
Saturday, September 11th 12PM

Paid online broadcast from September 8


Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo

The interior world as a conversation with the exterior world. Monique is a complex and layered being, their choices, their demeanor, what is deemed worthwhile of their attention, or not, their eccentricities, emotions, ultimately are a reflection of their inner world in conversation with the exterior one. Through movement study, small and large, we are brought onto a vulnerable journey in the life of Monique, from insignificant moments, to the extremes of on screen emotion. We look for human moments in absurdities, absurdities that are often times not so far from our reality, if we look closely.


Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo x Pepper O’bomsawin

These interviews were conducted in collaboration with MAtv, Vidéotron’s citizen channel, as part of the Festival Quartiers Danses series.


Angie-Pepper is a Mohawk/Abenaki producer and director responsible for the realization of various projects such as kids programming, socially driven documentaries, reality TV, docu-series and Dramatic Reconstruction. Thanks to the diversity of her work, Angie-Pepper is recognized for her drive and dedication to changing the image of First Nations on screen. Being a positive role model for her community herself, she strongly believes in the power of storytelling for transformation and social change.

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