Andrea Peña & Artists (AP&A) (Montréal, Canada)


Excerpt of the piece Untitled I + III (90min).

Length: 90 minutes.

Indoors programming
Sunday, September 11th ,4:00 PM
Grands Ballets Canadiens's Studio-Théâtre at Wilder Building

Untitled I + III (90min)


Untitled I + III is a study of resilience that can arise from human’s vulnerability. Both body and soul surrender to choreographic repetition. As naked and stripped down as the stage they occupy, artists dynamically engage in ever-evolving movements and phases. As three men let vulnerability overcome them, the piece goes beyond performance to unveil how resilience progressively transforms performers and audience alike. Untitled I + III represents freedom from time and space and cleverly showcases experience and humanity. 

The Human exists through repetition and is crafted through it. Humankind is the product of repetition, not its origin”. Catherine Malbou, Superhumanity


Born in Bogota, Columbia, Andrea Peña is a multidisciplinary artist. Her creative practices include choreography and design. Founded in 2014, Andrea Peña & Artists (AP&A) is renowned throughout Canada and the world for their critical and alternative creations. Through spatial universes, they break from the concept of humanity’s sensibility and lead us to thoughtful encounters, highlighting the body and soul’s vulnerability. Andrea Peña has recently been awarded the Clifford E. Lee Canadian Choreography Award from the Banff Arts Center for her conceptual and meticulous creations.

Artistic vision

As a female artist directing our exploration, I chose to play a support role, rather than a strictly choreographer role. Collectively supervising a space for three artists and allowing them to expose and confront their own vulnerability would never have been possible without François, Jean-Benoît and Frédérique’s incredible trust and dedication. The piece is not about trying to find an answer to vulnerability, but rather about exposing human transparency.

Dancers: François Richard, Jean Benoit Labreque, Frederique Rodier

Portrait Photo credit: 

Performance photo credits : Bobby Leon