Focus Cia de Dança

Alex Neoral

Choreographer and Dancer


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Alex Neoral made his dance debut in 1994. As a performer, he danced for several companies, including Cia de Dança Deborah Colker. In 2000, he created his own dance company, Focus Cia de Dança. It has now become one of the most successful dance companies in Brazil, performing in over 100 Brazilian cities and 11 countries

Indoors programming
Friday, September 16th, 8:00 PM
Bourgie Hall of Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Focus Danse Bach


FOCUS DANSE BACH is an ode to the amazing Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the world’s best known classical composers. Musicians and dancers share the same stage in three distinct pieces. In-finito plays with the number 8, a symbol for infinity, in a never-ending movement. In Prólogo 1, 2,3,4/ Interpret, based on Partita for Violin Solo No 2’s five movements, dancers flood the stage, creating an overwhelming presence while making way for new spaces. Lastly, Um a um showcases a sequence of connected duos, unveiling the full potential of what can be achieved with two dancers.

Excerpt of piece Focus Danse Bach

Length : 75 min

Focus Cia de Dança - Carlota

Length : 60 min

Saturday, September 18th, Closing evening , 8:00 PM
Grands Ballets Canadiens's Studio-Théâtre at Wilder Building



In this piece inspired by tango, Alex Neoral looks at how human beings transform sadness into passion, and even sensuality. Carlota is the expression of our ever-evolving emotions. In this exploration of the inexplicable, inherent, and hidden sides of human beings, the piece examines how our moods evolve with time and with the seasons. Happiness, sadness, anguish and passion… in movement.

Artistic Vision

I always look forward and I strive to explore things I don’t know in my artistic process. Yet, I realize that every piece I create is a part of my life on stage, almost as if it were a moving biography.

Dancers :
Alex Neoral
Carolina de Sá
Cosme Gregory
José Villaça
Marcio Jahú
Marina Teixeira
Monise Marques
Roberta Bussoni