Adrian W.S. Batt

Choreographer and dancer

Extract from the work Longueur d’onde.

Length : 8 minutes.

Share the evening with Emmanuelle Martin, Véronique Giasson and Charles Brecard.

Indoor program
Sunday, September 12th 8pm
Cinquième Salle de la Place des Arts

Longueur d'onde


Longueur d’onde is a solo performed by Mateo Picone. It is inspired by the processes of receiving and perceiving sensory information. How do we receive information from our senses, and how do we interpret it? The reaction of the body to its environment is at the core of this choreographic quest. Adrian Batt identify the source, that is, the first stimulus that triggers the gesture. The goal is to share this idea with the audience, as they too are on the receiving end of the movement and physicality of the dancer, as well as the sensory information he presents to them. The goal is to create a personal dialogue—a bridge or mirror linking the stage to the audience—to facilitate their reception and sharpen their perception.


Adrian W.S. Batt is a graduate of DancEast and the École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec (ESBQ). He has collaborated with renowned choreographers such as Etienne Gagnon-Delorme, Gioconda Barbuto and Vanesa Garcia-Ribala, and has been performing with the Marie-Chouinard Company since 2019. In 2018, he received the Desjardins Caisse de la Culture Excellence Bursary through the ESBQ’s Jeune scène d’affaires program. Batt’s piece Mundi Scaenam was presented at Festival Quartiers Danses in 2019.

Artistic vision

My work is primarily guided by ideas that I seek to translate into physical form to share with the audience. I explore these ideas with the performers. My question to them is, “In what ways does this particular concept stimulate your bodies?” This research work allows me to lay the foundations of the piece’s physical elements. Together, we create a physical language and an imaginary world that can be shared. The piece resides in the space between what I’m trying to communicate and how I communicate it to the audience.

Dancer: Mateo Picone


Photo credits portrait: Vanessa Fortin

Photo credits performance: Festival Quartiers Danses