PRESENTED BY georges_laoun The true favourite of this 14th edition, Focus Cia de Dança, the company of choreographer Alex Neoral, a promising and trendy Brazilian artist, brings the festival to an end. Poetic, mesmerizing, and powerful technical feats are given a place of honour that evening.

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AS CANÇOES QUE VOCÊ DANÇOU PRA MIM - Focus Cia de Dança / Alex Neoral (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) - 85 min.

© Manuela Abdala

Popular music, love, tenderness; four couples rock along a great 72-song mix, performed by the great singer and songwriter Roberto Carlos. Those songs that are timeless and have already become popular Brazilian music classics become the foundation of this work. The central and decisive point: a loving kiss that lasts more than five minutes. A daring choreographic composition!


Performer(s) Alex Neoral / Carol Pires / Clarice Silva / Cosme Gregory / Felipe Padilha / Gabriela Leite / Marcio Jahú / Mônica Burity
Director and Choreographer Alex Neoral
Music (composer) Roberto Carlos
Costumes André Vital
Lighting Binho Schaefer
Photographer Cintia Pimentel / Marian Starosta / Manuela Abdala
Producer Tatiana Garcias
Acknowledgements Focus Cia de Dança is sponsored by Petrobras


AlexNeoral-portrait-c-Marcio-Jahu_FQDweb© Marcio Jahú

Biography of the choreographer

Alex Neoral was born in RJ/Brazil and started dancing at the age of 15. As a dancer he worked at many important Brazilian companies. Today he is the choreographer of FOCUS CIA DE DANÇA. With his company he performed in more than 80 Brazilian cities and abroad, such as in New York, Portugal, Germany, France and Italy. As a guest choreographer he contributed to companies in Brazil and the USA. His work with contemporary dance, musical theatre and carnival show how versatile he is.

Artistic vision

I am a Brazilian choreographer, dancer and artist. I live in a country that the rhythm is in the body and the movement is in the soul. We are a mixture of cultures and ethnicities but, besides this richness, we are still learning how to develop our education and training. I started studying dance when I was 15 and art is something that makes me feel alive and necessary for the world, especially for my country. It would be wonderful if everybody could realize that art is essential for the society and makes the world a better place to live.


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