Festival Quartiers Danses

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The Quartiers Danses Festival has made it its mission to democratize contemporary dance and all its forms and hybrids by making it more accessible to all audiences in traditional and unusual venues. The FQD mostly offers shows from local artists, but also from national and international creators. It adopts a multidisciplinary approach of original dance that comprises show presentation, performances, installations, films, exhibits, meetings and discussions, and, lastly, cultural mediation workshops.



1. Promoting artistic diversity

Convinced that dance is a universal language that speaks to all of us, the festival welcomes artists of all generations – emerging talents and renowned contemporary choreographers alike – and diversity. Quartiers Danses presents debut works, works in progress or new versions (creative laboratories) and reconstructed performances from the choreographic heritage, sometimes performed by pre-professionals.

2. Encouraging artistic development

The festival affords an enviable visibility to local and international artists.  Exchanges with other cities, provinces and countries are organized to promote Quebec dance performers, choreographers and directors.

3. Bringing dance closer to its audience

The festival is presented in a variety of venues throughout the city of Montreal – in keeping with the specifics of each work – in partnership with known performance venues, atypical venues, the Maisons de la culture from different neighbourhoods, universities, CEGEPS, public and community spaces (museums, hospitals, churches, pools, markets, parks, public squares, streets and sidewalks) and other organizations, so as to ensure that the largest possible number of people has access to these artistic events.

4. Widening the dance audience

The festival strives to make the work of artists from the world of dance accessible to all audiences, whose participation is encouraged.  The festival’s policy is to offer attractive prices or free admission to its shows, in keeping with its mandate of democratizing contemporary dance and increasing its reach.



Since May 2000, the organisation, co-founded by Rafik Hubert Sabbagh (Montreal), has presented 14 events featuring 432 performances and 49 movie nights, 22 dance-themed visual art exhibits, and 63 conferences/meetings with the audience.

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